11 Things Your Dog Hates That You Need to Stop Doing NOW

It's easy to get caught up in the idea that every time you take your pooch for a walk, it's to let him eliminate, and that's it. If you are too busy to take your dog for a leisurely walk without an agenda, then it's time to change your thinking. Just like you like having the liberty to explore once in a while, so does your dog! Allow him the privilege of sniffing and enjoying the great outdoors without you rushing him along.

7. Going for walks without opportunity to explore and smell

There are walks, and there are walks. It’s definitely important to have a dog that knows how to walk obediently on a leash. However, it’s also important to allow a dog to have some time to explore her surroundings while walking obediently on a leash. Dogs see with their noses, and they place as much importance on their sense of smell as we humans place on our sense of vision for interpreting the world around us. It’s probably safe to say that dogs appreciate the smell of a tree trunk the way we appreciate a beautiful sunset. Dogs loathe not being able to take in their world for at least a few minutes a day, and too often we humans are focused on going on walks for the sole purpose of exercise or potty breaks.

walking a dog in a field

While you walk your dog, you may have a tendency to keep a tight leash. However, you'll be surprised what kind of effect a tight leash can have on your dog, and it's not good. Learn all about it next! 

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