11 Things Your Dog Hates That You Need to Stop Doing NOW

All dogs get a little bored, but there's a difference between being a little bored and a lot bored. If your doggy is starting to chew on shoes, the carpet, and whatever else she comes across, it sounds like you have a serious case of boredom on your hands. Of course exercise always helps, but if you're busy and need other ways to keep her occupied try some fun games or give her a big bone to chew on — it's time to combat that boredom with some fun alternatives!

10. Being boring

If your dog is making trouble — getting into boxes or closets, eating shoes or chewing on table legs — she's basically showing you just how incredibly bored she is. Luckily, there is a quick and easy solution to this: training games. Teaching your dog a new trick, working on old tricks, playing a game of “find it” with a favorite toy, or going out and using a walk as a chance to work on urban agility, are all ways to stimulate both your dog's mind and body. An hour of training is worth a couple hours playing a repetitive game of fetch in terms of wearing a dog out. While of course exercise and walks are important, adding in some brain work will make your dog happy-tired.

pug puppy with shoes

As you play with your sweet pup and she looks at you as to say she's done with play time, don't tease her incessantly to try to get her to play with you again.

Just like humans dogs grow impatient — and doing this and other actions discussed next can drive her bonkers! 

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