11 Things Your Dog Hates That You Need to Stop Doing NOW

It's normal to keep your dog's leash tight, especially if you feel threatened. However, whenever possible it's in your best interest to keep your dog's leash lax. This'll teach her that she needn't fear new people or dogs and that it's okay to mind her own business when people pass her by.

8. Keeping a tight leash, literally

Just as dogs are amazing at reading our body language, they’re amazing at reading our tension levels even through the leash. By keeping a tight leash on a dog, you’re raising the level of stress, frustration, and excitement for your dog, and conversely, for you. A dog that walks on a tight leash is more apt to bark or be reactive in even the most mild of social situations. But a dog that can walk on a slack leash is more likely to be calm. This is a difficult thing to master, and something the majority of dog owners can commiserate about, but it is so important to having pleasant walks with a relaxed dog.

walking a dog with a loose leash

If you think you're suffering from anxiety, you have no idea what your dog is going through. Discover just how much of an affect your emotions have on your fur baby after the break. 

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